About The Future Makers Initiative

Pathways to meaningful work


THE FUTURE MAKERS inspire with diverse career stories from real people.  Authentic stories, full of vision can instigate paths to meaningful work for aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and leaders.

Their commitment to a goal, talent, value or lifelong passion (the why) drives what they dedicate their time to. How they do it is equally important. A Future Maker channels their energy and skills to create a positive impact. Every project and story is unique.   The one thing they all have in common is success.

As an online inspiration portal, THE FUTURE MAKERS showcases people’s unique work stories on our Profiles page. Of course, real impact cannot occur without focus and physical action so we’ve shared some simple ‘tools’ – inspirational quotes, articles, do-it-yourself ideas and other inspirational media –  on our Toolkit page.

conscious action can make a better future. A story can inspire a pathway to meaningful work.

THE FUTURE MAKERS initiative is based on the adventures of two conscious professionals who left their comfort zones and explored the world through more than 230 individual stories. For more information visit the The Book where The Future Makers book can be purchased in either English or German.

Looking forward to journeying with you.