No ‘I’ in CHANGE

Always the advocate of keeping a pen handy and grabbing the nearest material available  - say, a napkin – to capture an idea,  Austin Kleon in two simple steps shows how a movement can be created.

How to create a movement in two steps.

Originally posted on Austin’s ‘How to’ Blog, 9th June 2008.

The unique ideas and actions of individuals play a vital role in our society, this ‘wondering’ deserves credit where credit’s due. However, it is equally – or even more important – to recognise the ecosystem (in which community is a part) that the individual is a part of. In fact, the same ecosystem provided the initial stimulus for the individual to wonder at eg. Austin’s flower, and additionally provided the additional humanpower to create a movement of wonderers.

The current Director of Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Pamela Hartigan, whose profile is featured on TFM here, states, “even though Social Entrepreneurship has existed for ever, the last twenty years have come to define and Americanise it. Social Entrepreneur’s have become ‘stars’ yet it is important that we recognise that it is not about the entrepreneur, its about the ecosystem that helps them.”

There is no ‘I’ in change, it is community and collaboration that create movements and positive impact.

About the author Helena Rosebery

After completing a Master of Communication (Food & Culture) from Slow Food’s University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy, Helena Rosebery followed her heart to Zürich where she is inspired everyday by the resilience and greenness of her home-grown herbs. Helena employs words and coloured pencils to professionally communicate all that is – and is not – in the pursuit of a more ethical world.

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