I wanna be a Future Maker – but I didn’t study that!

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What are the necessary skills needed to professional help create a more livable world? Are there certain qualifications or special abilities needed?

The Future Makers’ stories show that every person is already perfectly equipped with his or her own skills, talents and experiences. Almost every professional background can be used to enhance the wellbeing of society and make the world more sustainable. You don’t need to be a doctor, environmental scientist, or social worker to have a meaningful life and job.

For example, Jim Fruchterman, an award-winning social entrepreneur, is a technology enthusiast through and through. Instead of using his pattern recognition expertise for the control systems for the American army’s missile network, he developed the first reading machine for the blind. Today he is the director of Benetech, a technology corporation that uses his innovations to create technologies for humanitarian uses.

Here are some more insights on the topic of professional pathways that lead to a career with impact:

  • Many seemingly too specific skills turn out to be highly valuable in the field of social innovation and can lead to creative and unique solutions.
  • An increasing amount of social innovation work is done across sectors, industries and functions – experience from multiple perspectives is highly valuable and the ability to cooperate absolutely key.
  • You can fill the gaps in technical knowledge in smart and efficient ways. Continuous education, reading and thought exchange help to expand competencies and abilities.
  • Personal balance and wellbeing – often attained through experience in other fields – is the pre-requisite for the ability to initiate positive change for others.

About the author Joanna Hafenmayer

Joanna is the author of the book "The Future Makers" and initiator of the inspirational portal, The Future Makers. Her passion is around inspiring meaningful work and helping people realize careers full of positive impact, among other through her organisation, MyImpact.

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