But before you do walk away, inspire your hands and mind with advice from a self-described writer who draws, turned professional speaker.

Austin Kleon has managed to make a living out of his creativity and a successful one at that. As a result, in **** he was asked to give a pep-talk to community college students in upstate New York. In preparation, he wrote a list that later became: ten things nobody told you about being creative, the scaffold for his 2012 graphic manifesto, Steal Like an Artist.

Black and white imperatives burst through the page and into the mind of the reader who is activated for creativity in the digital age. However, we must not forget to step away from the screen and create with our hands and whole body.

Austin’s list is equally as relevant to Future Makers since creativity is a key ingredient in social entrepreneurship. See the original list below (left) and our own adaptation for social entrepreneurs (right).












For even more inspiration, watch his April 2012 TED talk (below) and follow him on twitter, @austinkleon.

About the author Helena Rosebery

After completing a Master of Communication (Food & Culture) from Slow Food’s University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy, Helena Rosebery followed her heart to Zürich where she is inspired everyday by the resilience and greenness of her home-grown herbs. Helena employs words and coloured pencils to professionally communicate all that is – and is not – in the pursuit of a more ethical world.

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